CryptoPaste is a secure pastebin service inspired by CryptoBin. Like CryptoBin, CryptoPaste strives to be a secure, stable and clean pastebin service, especially now that CryptoBin has seemingly shut its doors indefinitely.
Yes. Content is encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard with a 256-bit key derived from a password of your choice, or by our unique password generator. Each post is assigned a random alphanumerical ID which is only visible to you and whom you choose to share it with.
We do not see nor do we store your password or unencrypted plain text on our servers, as all encryption and decryption takes place client-side using JavaScript on your local computer. The JavaScript code flushes the password field before the encrypted paste is sent to us. The password field is also flushed in the code just as a precuation. At the end of the day it comes down to you, using a strong password comprising of letters, numbers and symbols of reasonable length can go a long way towards keeping your content secure.
The limit for encrypted content is currently 3,145,728 characters in length (or 3MB). This may increase at a later date.
Of course! Decrypted pastes can also have syntax highlighting, thanks to the Highlight.js client-side JavaScript library.
Anything you want. We cannot see what you share, so we cannot stop you from sharing anything. We of course ask you use this freedom responsibly. ;)
The only data stored in our database with each paste is the encrypted content itself, the content's corresponding ID, the time it was submitted, and the date in which the content should expire. We do not store IP addresses with pastes. Our HTTP access logs are also anonymized.
Nope, sorry, you're out of luck – which is actually a good thing. Because encryption takes place on your local computer, we never see or keep a copy of your password.
Simply put, you cannot. You should specify the expiration at the time of posting the content. We otherwise have no proof the content is yours and we cannot honor this request.
Unless you can provide the password and shed light on the nature of the content (e.g. why it is illegal and why it is our obligation to remove it), we cannot do anything as we will not know. That's the idea behind cryptography.
Yes! You can inspect the code for yourself or fork the project on GitHub.
If your question is regarding the CryptoPaste software itself, you can open a Github issue. If your question is regarding this installation of CryptoPaste, you can reach the owner of this site here: